Sushi Rice

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Rice, unlike most other cereals, we consume it as a whole grain. No one is there who is not fond of rice. Especially, Biryani. How can anyone forget that!

There are many dishes that we prepare from rice. Also, we consume it in huge amounts. India is one of the largest exporters of rice. So rice must be of good quality.

we will see the various rice companies in India which is good in quality and consumption.

Based on Length and Shape

  • Long Grain Rice – Long rice grains are good to use when we want the grains to stay separate during cooking. When it comes to cooking dishes like biryani or pulao, we go for long-grain rice. Many rice companies provide long grain rice like basmati rice.
  • Medium Grain Rice – Medium grain rice is shorter than long grain rice but larger than short-grain rice. They have a high tendency to stick than long grain rice and have a wider kernel.
  • Short Grain Rice – Short rice grains are used to give a sticker a more viscous appearance. This type of rice is used when you want to make any desert-like kheer or pudding.

This Japanese rice comes in both white and brown varieties. The translucent grains become firm and sticky when cooked due to a higher starch content, making them ideal for sushi.